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Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat – Sun Tzu, Ancient Chinese Military Strategist

Hands on
Hands on

Strong financial management is one of the pre-requisites for profitable growth. Yet, many small businesses cannot afford to employ a full time Chief Financial Officer. The internal accountants (or bookkeepers) are far too busy with attending to the many different tasks of preparing monthly management accounts, chasing debtors, paying bills and attending to the payroll compliance.

Bringing in an expert help to achieve your goals is part of the faster and smarter way to success. Get an expert who can actually “read” figures like you would read the words in a novel. Figures tell a story … IF you know how to read it. Having the right financial information will allow you to make the right decisions for your business to allow you to grow profitably and safely.


The Service

As you run your business, you discover there are skills you need but do not have. How do you manage this? As a qualified Chartered Accountant, with over 40 years experience in practice and in running my own businesses, I can step in and provide the hands-on practical guidance. For more information of my consulting program, have a look at the short video below. Experience and skills DO matter.

Part Time Retainer

Most small business cannot afford a full time CFO / COO – yet, a growing business is often the one that most needs the services of one. The solution may be to appoint a part time CFO / COO for say, 1 day a week. A retainer contract will provide you with much needed expertise at a discounted rate that an accounting practice will charge.

Hourly Rate

This is the way most accounting practices work. A partner in a respected accounting practice will often charge $400 – $600 per hour depending on the type of work required. This is not affordable for most small business. There’s not a lot that can be done before your cashflow suffer. We charge considerably less – because we can!

It is important to get a outsiders opinion

Too often we seek advice from our family, friends and peers. However, they might not be the ones best suited to give you such advice. To grow your business, you need someone who knows HOW.

Let’s Connect And Start The Conversation

In my 40+ years as a business consultant and an entrepreneur, I have never come across two businesses that work exactly the same way. What works for one business may be a disaster for another. The only way to work out what’s best is to connect and have that discussion on how I can customise my services to what will best work for you. This first meet-up is free and will initially be over Zoom to determine if:

• I can help you
• If we can work together

Complete the Contact Form on the right and I will be in touch to fix up a mutually convenient time to meet on Zoom.

Experience & Qualifications Matter.

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