What’s the biggest problem you’re facing in your business today?

If you have been in business for longer than 3 months, you’ve faced at least two, if not all, of the problems listed. The good news is – you’re not alone and every business owner has trodden that same path. Some have surfaced on the other side celebrating their successes. Others have lost a lot of money, lost a belief in themselves and just given up.

Which one do you want to be?

I can recall many a night when I have wondered where I’m going to find the money needed to pay the rent bill. I vividly remember my crazy staff (and some customers) driving me up the wall as I tried my best to deal with their idiosyncrasies. I have memories of doing everything I could to grow my business … and nothing worked. I have had to learn to love “selling” (because I knew I HAD to). Although paperwork was not a big problem for me (being an accountant took care of that one!), I had many business colleagues who hated paperwork with a passion.  They used to complain endlessly that they didn’t go into business to do paperwork. And last but not least – that feeling that there is just not enough hours in the day to do everything you NEED to do!

You just have to understand ONE thing –  the problems are not insurmountable, although they seem to be at that time. It never has been. Business is simple … but it’s hard work and it takes persistence. The 4 hour day does not happen overnight. I can relate to every single one of the problems listed above. I’ve faced them all at some point in my long business life … sometimes more than one at the same time.

The Solution

Different Solutions For Different Needs

What works for one person will not work for another. It depends to a large extent on your learning style AND it always boils down to TIME v $$$. Sometimes circumstances dictate that you have no choice – do it yourself or not at all. Check out each of the options below and decide what will work for you and then go for it! Remember, persistence will pay off if you don’t give up.


Being your own boss has its huge rewards. However, it comes at a price – there are challenges, frustrations and stresses that’s unique to running your own business. Those who have always been an employee will never understand nor experience it. As an entrepreneur who has owned over 20 businesses and helped countless others, I see the same challenges, frustrations and stresses over and over again. I have seen the different solutions tried and failed. I have also seen the solutions that have been tried and succeeded. 40+ years in business has taught me A LOT.

The articles on my business blog posts were all written specifically to answer a question I have been asked. These articles are not for those who do not enjoy reading or for those who prefer to be entertained. Many of the blog posts are over 3,000 words of solid content that you can use and apply in your business. They are not for the hobby-business owner! They are for those who are hungry for practical business tips and advice that works.

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