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Have you ever been FRUSTRATED with other people?

Have you ever wondered what people were thinking? Did you ever think that other people are just weird and their behaviour is just random and unpredictable? If you, you are really not alone. The fact is that many people actually have experienced similar thoughts and feelings. We’ve been there ourselves. But we have found a way to make sense of the “people puzzles” in our lives – and apply that to our business and our lives.

Napoleon Hill said, “Know yourself. Know your people. Know your business”.  Andrew Carnegie said, “About 85% of the factors contributing to … success are related to the ability to work effectively with people.”  The differentiator between the average business and the successful businesses lie in just two words – KNOW YOURSELF. What better way to start on this journey than to take a DISC assessment. That is the quickest way to learn about someone and to know how to best work with them.

How I Apply DISC In My Business

One rotten apple can ruin the whole team and change the whole firm’s culture for the worse. In my previous business life when I employed staff, I very quickly discovered the value of putting every single applicant through a DISC assessment before any job offers are made. The pain of having to go through dismissing a new staff member who does not fit in was not worth trying to “save” a few dollars by not putting them through a DISC assessment.

As a coach, I will only coach and mentor if they agree to a DISC assessment. I want to know what I’m working with – and it means I can customise my coaching style to their specific personality to ensure the maximum benefit for them.



Benefits When You Apply DISC In Your Business