Business Mastermind

The real value of the Mastermind sits in the mental tools you learn that helps you navigate toward success both inside and outside of the business world.

business mastermind
business mastermind

A Mastermind offer a combination of brainstorming, learning, peer accountability and support in a group setting to help build and sharpen your skills. It is a support group for members of your team to challenge each other in settling strong goals, and more importantly ACCOMPLISH them. Historically, we have found that Masterminds work best when we have a team working toward the same goal – growing the same business, rather than each business owner at the table working to grow their own business. Structured properly, a Mastermind will enable the building of a PURPOSEFUL and PREDICTABLY PROFITABLE business by covering the 4 areas of business you MUST get right to be successful.

Many businesses have closed because they were not prepared for the pandemic. They did not have the safety net to see them through this. Recession is no longer a theory – it will happen. Yet, even during a recession, business opportunities abound.


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Mastermind Groups without facilitators often fall apart and degenerate into a social club or become just another talk-fest without action. Past experience has shown that structured Mastermind sessions that incorporate both training as well as allowing for ample discussion time on your business challenges work best.

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Get your Team together and form your Mastermind Group. Let’s meet today’s business challenges and grow your business even as a recession rears its ugly head around the corner.

Are you prepared to do WHATEVER it takes?

Everyone wants success (whatever success mean to you) but not everyone is prepared to pay the price to get it.

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In my 40+ years as a business consultant and an entrepreneur, I have never come across two businesses that work exactly the same way. What works for one business may be a disaster for another. The only way to work out what’s best is to connect and have that discussion on how I can customise my services to what will best work for you. This first meet-up is free and will initially be over Zoom to determine if:

• I can help you
• If we can work together

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