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Being your own boss has its huge rewards. However, it comes at a price – there are challenges, frustrations and stresses that’s unique to running your own business that those who have never been their own boss, or those who have only ever worked for large corporations, will ever understand.

The focus here is helping the small independent business owners navigate their way through the every changing face of business. Business will never be the same again post the global pandemic. Many have closed. Many are not even making enough to pay their business rent. Many are just barely surviving. No one escaped.

Most of the articles have all been written specifically to answer questions that I have been asked (although I do sometimes deviate with some fun stuff for a change!) They are not for those looking to be entertained by the short 2 minute instant fix videos.  They are for those who are hungry for practical business tips and advice that works.

This publication is NOT for you if you operate a large company (public or private) with a budget for a large support team of lawyers, accountants, managers, etc. Big tech companies and large corporations tend to steal the spotlight and there are already plenty of publications that serve them. This publication is strictly focused on the small independent business owners who have been largely ignored because media believe there is no money in writing for the small business. Yet, it is the small independent businesses that are the backbone of virtually every economy.