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Are you making use of all the free (and paid) online tools available? Download our report – its FREE.

As a business consultant and an entrepreneur who works online for many of my own business ventures, I am often asked for recommendations of resources and online business tools that will make life easier for the business owner. I encourage everyone to use the free tools you can get on the internet. However, it is not always going to be possible to get everything free. Many products do not give you access to all their features in the free version and you have to pay to access the “extras”.

A few of the service providers (not the majority) included in this Guide will pay us a commission for the referral. As a Chartered Accountant, I will NOT list something purely because of the commission. I have my reputation and my integrity to maintain. This list therefore includes many products where I do not receive anything for the recommendation.

The service you will receive from the supplier and the price you will pay will be the same whether you purchase the products via our link or not. And, where we have a referral commission, sometimes you end up paying less! Therefore, I ask that you use our or our client’s affiliate links provided in this Guide rather than go directly to the supplier’s own website. My principal income is not derived from affiliate commissions.

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