Essential Organiser


A missing Will, misplaced personal documents and logins will cost your loved ones A LOT of $$$ in professional fees. Wouldn’t you rather keep that to a minimum?

This Essential Organiser came about as a result of the problems and emotional trauma that I saw my clients go through when their partner pass without leaving sufficient information behind.  If something ever happen to you, would your loved ones know where to find everything they will need to wind up your estate? Will they know where to find your Will? What about the titles to the properties you may have? Will they know about the life insurance policies you may have? My clients would spend hours trying to locate documents that we needed to wind up the estate. Often, they had no idea how to access the various online accounts to access the necessary information needed.what about the passwords to all your important logins?

If you spend a little time on this and complete the information on this checklist AND make sure your loved ones know where to find this document, you will alleviate some of the emotional stress and trauma for those you leave behind. Isn't it better to leave the bulk of your estate to your loved ones than to your advisors?