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Great book keeping is foundational. If you don’t keep proper records, you cannot properly measure the performance of your business. Get it done and make sure it’s done right. Experience and skills DO matter. Contact us if you require a bookkeeping package customised to your current business needs.

Are you one of those that gets very frustrated when it comes to submitting your taxes and managing your books? You must be thinking that there are better things to do than spend your evening sitting in front of your computer getting your books up to date. The worst part is if you did a mistake, you need to go through it to find the error. If you get a great deal of satisfaction out of balancing your books, that's great. If not, this is why we are here to help.

Outsourcing of bookkeeping has traditionally been avoided by many who fear loss of control. I will take this worry off you and manage the bookkeepers, making sure that their hours are monitored and their work reviewed. You pay for the accounting software and for the hours you need. The only task left for you is to scan your receipts into the system. Doing this has the added advantage of reducing the amount of paper in your office!

Bookkeeping fees are charged in advance in $500 instalments.  Hourly rates are dependent on the level of bookkeeping skills required and will be agreed upfront before any work is commenced.

I have now used this system with several clients and it works like a breeze. Their records are up to date, accurate and reliable. Their own tax accountants are happy because the records are done properly. And as the business coach, I am able to have a meaningful discussion with and take action on their business knowing the full facts. What more would you want?

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