Being your own boss has its huge rewards. However, it comes at a price – there are challenges, frustrations and stresses that’s unique to running your own business. Those who have always been an employee will never understand nor experience it. As an entrepreneur who has owned over 20 businesses and helped countless others, I see the same challenges, frustrations and stresses over and over again. I have seen the different solutions tried and failed. I have also seen the solutions that have been tried and succeeded. What has 40+ years in business taught me??

The articles below are links to my blog posts on Equipped 4 Success, usually written specifically to answer a question I have been asked. These articles are not for those who do not enjoy reading or for those who prefer to be entertained. Each blog post is over 3,000 words of solid content that you can use and apply in your business. They are not for the hobby-business owner.

Business Challenge #1: The Paperwork Mountain

Business Challenge #2: Not Enough Hours in the Day

Business Challenge #3: Overcoming the Feast & Famine Cycle

Business Challenge #4: How to Survive and Thrive Through Covid-19

Business Challenge #5: The People Challenge

Leading Through Crisis #1: Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

Leading Through Crisis #2: One Person

Leading Through Crisis #3: Doing Business After Covid-19

Business Challenge #6: Overcoming Overwhelm

How To #1: Building Your Brand

How To #2: Building Your Persona

marketing strategies

How To #3: 12 Marketing Strategies That Work

from employee to entrepreneur

How To #4: Move from Employee to Entrepreneur

How to grow your business

How To #5: How to Grow Your Business

how to pivot and change our business

How To #6: Pivot and Change Your Business

I have a dream

How To #7: Making Dreams Come True

Entrepreneurs Journey

How To #8: Prepare for the Entrepreneurs Jouney

escape from the struggle zone

How To #9: Escape from the Struggle Zone

grow business not backoffice

How To #10: Grow Your Business Not Your Back Office

best practice

How To #11: Implementing Best Practice

Take care of your business

How To #12: Take Care of Your Business

Today Does Matter

How To #13: Today Does Matter

winning customers

How To #14: Winning Customers

tips for getting bank loan approved

How To #15: Tips for Getting Your Bank Loan Approved

money mistakes

How To #16: Money Mistakes