The Better FREE Way To Build Funnels And Sell Digital Products

Why Groove? is all-in-one marketing, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) platform with 19+ apps. The listing on the right gives an indication of what you will be able to do once you sign up to Groove. Make no mistake, Groove will become a MASSIVE platform (if it isn’t already) and the sales hype is that you can run your entire business on Groove.  BUT it is still in beta and the current price reflects that. That will end once it exits beta testing.

The FREE plan has more than enough apps and features for you to start and grow your online business. However, if you’re serious about developing an online business, then the Lifetime deal is exceptional value. You pay a ONE time price to get access to all Groove apps and future apps for LIFE. Be aware that once Groove exits beta, they will switch to a monthly pricing model and who knows how long the Lifetime offer will last. My recommendation is to get it while you can.



Personal View

I believe that Groove has some way to go yet. Many of the features are not yet ready and as with all new software, there will be bugs to be sorted out. Why wait? Why not transfer everything now and use the new features as it’s developed? For me, it’s because I don’t want to have to deal with beta bugs.

My personal view is that it has still not quite reached what I am able to do using a combination of Divi, Thrive Themes and other apps.  However, if you wait for everything to be ready before you jump in, you will likely find the price will be prohibitive. For example, ZohoOne was just $35 per user per month when it first launched. Today it sells at $137.50 per user per month. Buying early means that you lock in your price at the launch price rate. So I jumped into this a year ago taking the view that I would “park” this and continue with my current online tools until Groove can meet all my requirements or most of the bugs have been ironed out.

If Groove achieve all that they seek to achieve, companies such as Kajabi, Funnelytics, Zoom, ClickFunnels etc will have to re-think their pricing or lose their business to Groove. Buying now makes commercial sense especially if you buy at the Lifetime Price!