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Can Google or a Public Forum answer all your business questions? We would be surprised.

Email Support
Email Support

Where do you go for advice? We’ve seen people asking for advice on forums – THAT is definitely not the best place to get your advice. Advice on those platforms are generally by other business people who are not qualified to advise on such matters. At best they can only advise you from their own experience. That does not always work. Your personal circumstance will likely be very different and require a different approach or business structure. While there are those who are very generous with their time and advice, not everyone will give you advice so you can become THEIR competitor. Not even Google can be trusted – the answer you get will only ever be as good as the question your ask. Do you know what the right question is?


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Our email support service was created specifically to meet this need without breaking your bank – now you don’t have to ask your very private question on a public forum. You can ask the question and know that you will get an answer from a qualified Chartered Accountant, entrepreneur and an experienced business operator.

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Most small business often do not revert to their own tax advisor because they cannot afford the $400 – $600 per hour charged as soon as the clock starts ticking when they place the call. This is not affordable for most small business. Connect with us via the Contact form below to check out how much it will cost for you to use our service instead.

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