Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Together there is strength.

Not everyone wants to build a global empire. Not everyone wants to become an employer. However, if you have a big dream, then you will have to bite the bullet and build a team around you. On your own, you can only do so much. Developing a team does not happen by osmosis. You must be intentional about it. You must develop and implement processes and systems to make this happen. Having a team around you can make your vision happen OR it can drive you up the wall or even send your broke!

Being intentional means:

  • Seeking out training and material to develop your own leadership skills. John Maxwell said “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” Without influence, your business will fail. Your leadership will determine whether your people will work effectively or whether you spend your days putting out fires going from one crisis to another. Leadership and transformation, particularly servant leadership must then come from the top. “People do as people see.” Example sets the standards.  You cannot take your team where you haven’t been.
  • Providing training that will both up-skill your team to be able to do their job effectively as well as develop their character, mindset and values. For some businesses, this could mean a massive culture change. For others, it will reinforce and grow on the culture that already exist.

Business masterminds can be specifically tailored to focus on growth, leadership, team development and communication to meet your needs so as to maximise your investment in the training. This can be achieved by using the most appropriate learning and development, leadership and team building models including but not limited to Leadership Games, Transformational Round Tables, DISC Psychometric Assessments, Masterminds and Group Coaching.

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