Nobody understands your business like you do. The decision making should and will always belong to the business owner.

But bringing in expert help to achieve your goals is part of the faster and smarter way to success. Get an expert who can actually “read” figures like you would read the words in a novel. Figures tell a story … IF you know how to read it. Having the right financial information will allow you to make the right decisions for your business to allow you to grow profitably and safely.

Strong financial management is one of the pre-requisites for profitable growth. Yet, many small businesses cannot afford to employ a full time Chief Financial Officer. The internal accountants (or bookkeepers) are far too busy with attending to the many different tasks of preparing monthly management accounts, chasing debtors, paying bills and attending to the payroll compliance.

As a qualified Chartered Accountant, with over 40 years experience in practice and in running my own businesses, I can step in and provide the hands-on practical guidance:

  • In negotiations with your bank or potential investors – Bankers speak their own language. As do your potential investors.
  • In capital raising on the stock exchange
  • Helping you to decide on the appropriate pricing models for your products
  • To implement national expansion program for your business
  • By connecting you with trusted associates overseas for overseas expansion.
  • Outsourcing the routine work and take the savings straight to the bottom line.

Don’t leave it until it is too late and you’ve run out of options. Cashflow is the lifeline to small business. Failure to plan could result in higher penalty interest rates being payable or not being able to obtain the necessary finance when you need it. It is about taking control and putting the plans in place to bullet proof your business.