Would you like to do business in Australia but don’t know where to start? With over 20 years experience in providing services to non-residents (both individuals and corporations), and with my experience as a public accountant, I am uniquely placed to assist anyone wanting to do business in Australia.

Compliance with Australian tax and corporate legislation is a must for the legitimate business owner. You need an understanding of the different requirements to be legal in Australia. You need an understanding of the types of tax effective structures available to you. And once your business is set up, you need ongoing support to ensure that you remain fully compliant with all Australian legislation.

Below is a flowchart giving a simple outline of the basic steps involved in setting up a business in Australia:

I have done this now for several companies including companies such as Garmin Australasia Pty Ltd. With some clients, I was involved only until they obtained the necessary visas for their own nominated personnel. With others, I continue to have an ongoing relationship providing the necessary local support and ensuring that they are kept informed of any changes in legislation that affects them. The fact is that as the overseas owner, you need someone you can trust to represent you and to look after your interest. Where necessary I work with local tax and migration agents, solicitors, insurance brokers and other professionals to ensure that your new business in Australia remain compliant at all times.

In addition, I have been able to tap into my Asian network and referred my clients to my trusted contacts in South East Asia when they needed to expand their services, saving them the time in research to find an advisor in the relevant country. Contact me if you would like to know more about how you can do business in Australia.