Why am I offering bookkeeping services?

Great bookkeeping is foundational. If you don’t keep proper records, you cannot properly measure the performance of your business. As a Business Consultant, I cannot properly review your business and make recommendations without accurate information.  The old adage of “in rubbish, out rubbish” applies here too!  It never ceases to amaze me how some business consultants can review a business without even asking to see the books.

Peter Drucker, the acknowledged world management expert, is credited with one of the most important quotes in business management: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”.

There are lots of reasons why great bookkeeping is not done.

  1. It’s boring. True or false? That really depends on who you’re talking to. There are many who think bookkeeping is awesome work and they get a kick out of balancing the books!
  2. You’re too tired after a full day working IN your business. If you’re like many business owners, bookkeeping is the very last thing you want to have to do. You do it because you HAVE to, not because you WANT to!
  3. Who cares? It’s all historical. You cannot change what has happened. And you already KNOW the result.
  4. Cashflow is tight. Bookkeeping is an expense you cannot afford to pay for on top of the other essentials so it is something you can do yourself.
  5. You can just pay a university business student minimum wage to do your bookkeeping because it’s easy and you do not need to pay the current going rate of $60 – $80 an hour for a good bookkeeper. (Be wary of false savings – What you save on the bookkeeper usually translates to a much higher fee paid to your tax accountant!)

The Solution

Let me introduce you to my own bookkeepers. I outsource all my bookkeeping work, only contracting to bookkeepers from either Malaysia or Phillipines who have proven themselves to be great bookkeepers. They charge considerably less than what I would have to pay elsewhere and they do a great job. They are happy because I compensate them more than what they would receive from a local employer.

Outsourcing of labour has traditionally been avoided by many who fear loss of control. I will take this worry off you and manage the contractors, making sure that their hours are monitored using our Bookkeeping system to track the hours worked on your business. You pay for the accounting software (either MYOB or Xero) and for the hours you need. The only task left for you is to scan your receipts into the system. Scanning your receipts has the added advantage of reducing the amount of paper in your office!.

I have now used this system with several clients and it works like a breeze. Their records are up to date, accurate and reliable. Their own tax accountants are happy because the records are done properly. And I am able to have a meaningful discussion with and take action on their business knowing the full facts. What more would you want?

Interested in saving yourself the unnecessary stress of compliance? Put an end to the shoe-box. Keep your time for your family and for working ON your business AND at the same time save lots of money on bookkeeping!